The Others

The Others


Wild Thing of the Troggs was the first cover song 22-p learned to play. Around 1980. Impact was a huge BANG, in a good way.

During the years we have learned, tried to learn, planned to learn, performed
lot of songs made by others.

From Troggs, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, Shangri´las, Kinks, Hank Williams, Howling Wolf, Jody Reynolds, Ramones, Bo Diddley, JB-Lenoir, Boddy Holly, Ritchie Vales, Velvet Underground, Everly Brothers, Link Wray, lot 60´s garage rock anthems, Otis Redding, Iggy Pop, Cris Montez…

Monochome Set is so far only record The Others has done, plus an c-cassette compilation, where we play some of those those songs live.

The Others idea came from somewhere, play together without 22-p pressure.
Armed with gems.
Pure joy of readymade.
Great songs.
Being a live R&R jukebox to people to dance
and have hopefully a really good time together for.


The Others Out of print