Bone Voyage Recording Company

We formed BVRC in 2005, to release our coming records and our back catalogue.

Very soon we found bands we really liked, plus we had the Altai studio ready to make records. So we released some albums, had the joy to be around with great songs and cool people.

Latest release:
22-Pistepirkkos “Rumble City, Lala Land” LP.
Released first time in a form of vinyl.

Coming releases:
-22-pistepirkkos first 6 piece vinyl EP from
Year 1983.
-Kati&Asko “3 Step Andy” album.

Anssi 8000 & Maria Stereo
Goodnight Monsters
Kati & Asko
Joensuu 1685
Judge Bone
The Micragirls
Mirel Wagner
Others aka 22pp
PK + Janko
You / Me